How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

March 28, 2022

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Whether you want a bright, white Hollywood smile, or you just want to lighten the shade of your own teeth for that eye-catching appearance, you may be considering whitening your teeth.

At-home whitening gels, strips and toothpaste are some of the methods that people use to whiten their teeth, but how long will these keep your teeth white for? 

Can Stained Teeth be Whitened?

There are two types of stains, intrinsic and extrinsic.

The amount and type of staining will determine how effective treatment would be. While most staining can be affected there are some rare cases of grey staining that may require a more serious intervention from a dentist.

Intrinsic (internal) tooth staining is developed within the tooth itself and be caused by certain medications, trauma and injury. Examples of intrinsic stains are Fluorosis and Pulpitis. Intrinsic stains will not benefit from over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

Extrinsic (external) tooth stains appear due to certain lifestyle habits, for example, smoking or consumption of high staining food and drink which will eventually stain the tooth’s surface.

How Long Will Whitening Last?

Regardless of which method of teeth whitening you use; it won't last forever.

We like to compare teeth whitening to getting a tan, some users may see instant results when whitening their teeth, whilst others may take a while longer until they start to get their desired results. Most people can relate to their own reaction to the sun, you are naturally either a fast responder or slow responder.

Similarly, this comparison can be used for how long a tan lasts after exposure to the sun. Some skin may stay tanned for a longer period, while others may fade very quickly, this is the same as teeth, some may stay white for longer than others post-whitening.

This is when topping up your tan can come in handy, and it is the same for teeth whitening. 

Some people’s teeth can stay white for 6 months, whilst others may last for up to 2 years. Topping up your teeth whitening regularly and using safe and effective maintenance products will help increase the longevity of those pearly whites.

Ultimately, the biggest impact on your teeth staying white from whitening will be determined by your lifestyle habits.

Smoking or chewing tobacco, red wine, coffee and tomato-based sauces and curries will decrease how long your teeth stay white as they are considered ‘high-staining’ products. Similarly, specific medications can also impact the colour of your teeth, making it difficult to keep them bright and white.

Foods to ‘Reduce’ When Whitening Teeth.

We do not promote an extreme white diet as you will possibly find online as it is unnecessary and will not make a huge difference when whitening your teeth. If you want to get the best results, limit staining food and drink during and after your whitening treatment.

Anything that would stain a white t-shirt is more likely to stain your teeth. We have listed some of our most common offenders associated with staining.

  •  Coffee/tea
  • Red wine
  • Beetroot
  • Tomato-based sauces and curries.
  • Smoking and vaping.

Moderation with ‘high-staining’ foods will be your best friend when whitening your teeth. For example, if you love to drink coffee, or need one to function on a morning, (we are all guilty of this one!), then having one cup will not make a difference, however, having 4 or 5 a day will naturally stain your teeth.

Our advice for smoking tobacco is to stop, not just for whitening your teeth, but for overall health benefits. However, if you do smoke and want to minimise your risk of staining, try to reduce your consumption as much as possible. 

How to Prevent Staining Your Teeth After Whitening.  

To keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible after doing a course of teeth whitening, it is essential to follow a thorough maintenance routine.

Our floss, wash, brush routine makes sure you are keeping a high level of hygiene while using the safest and most effective ingredients. It is the best routine to follow for your mouth, just like cleanse, tone, moisturise is for your skin!

1. Floss

Flossing is an essential part of looking after your teeth and something that most people forget to do. Once you have been following the floss, wash, brush routine for a few weeks, you will notice a huge difference and want to floss every day to get your whole mouth feeling clean!

We have two flosses to choose from, our Anti-Stain Floss is a tape for people with close contact points (teeth that touch), and experience shredding when flossing. We also have a Micro-Riser Floss, which is a more traditional style of floss, which helps remove 35% more plaque than regular floss.

2. Wash

Our Whitening Mouthwash is alcohol-free and has a slightly sweet mint flavour so you can use it without any harsh burning caused by alcohol mouthwashes.

You should rinse for 30-60 seconds, so it is essential to have a pleasant flavour that allows for this!

Our formula has amazing ingredients for healthy teeth and gums and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and gives your teeth a smooth finish and bright, shiny appearance.

3. Brush

Brushing last might seem unusual to some people, but toothpaste has the highest concentration of ingredients so after brushing for two minutes you should spit your toothpaste but DON’T rinse with water! This would be like applying moisturiser and then washing your face. By not rinsing you are keeping the beneficial ingredients on your teeth for longer.

Using a whitening toothpaste is a great way to combat any staining that may occur from food and drinks. All whitening toothpastes are not created equal, beware of cheap whitening toothpastes as many can be highly abrasive and have a gritty feel. Highly abrasive toothpaste can be damaging to enamel and should not be used regularly as they will do more harm than good.

Our toothpastes include low-abrasive ingredients that remove stains from teeth by polishing, dissolving stains and creating a protective barrier, preventing new stains forming.


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