With a brand that is backed by science, we promise that we will only provide products to you that have clinical studies behind them and are proven to work. We’d like you to have faith in our team of science boffins!


Our search for the best ingredients and technologies doesn’t stop now, we will continue to search the globe and re-invent our range. We’re passionate about creating the best possible teeth whitening range available without having to go to the Dentist.

Results Driven

Fed up of fads that don’t deliver? We are too! We pride ourselves on giving you results that are fuss-free, quick and easy. On average, our whitening products can whiten your teeth up to 7 shades after one simple two-week course.


We understand that teeth whitening (especially when done professionally) can sometimes burn a hole into your pocket. Our high-quality range offers you the best possible whitening without having to pop it on your credit card.